Frequently asked questions


What type of Yoga do you teach?

We are trained and inspired by Sri Sri School of Yoga. It is beautiful integration of Hatha Yoga (effort), Raja Yoga (effortless meditation), Gyana Yoga (knowledge), and Bhakti Yoga (Love & devotion).  It includes invigorative yoga posture, breathing techniques, guided meditation, Yogic Knowledge, and the information about the Yogic diet, making it a wholesome experience.   

I am new to yoga?

For the beginners, our recommendation is to attend our weekend Yoga workshop. It includes six sessions spread over three weekends. Each session is two hours, and we comprehensively cover all aspect of yoga. It will give you the confidence to start your yoga practice 

What are the options to join the Yoga classes?

We have weekly, monthly, and quarterly passes. The casual class is $20/class. Quarterly yoga passes are the most cost effective ($12.5/class) for the serious Yoga practitioners.   

Do you also provide personal Yoga class?

Yes, we do have the option for the personal yoga class at the studio or at your home.  

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing your Yoga mat, water bottles and a cushion to make yourself comfortable. This will be a small investment and will give you a sense of commitment. We do have some spare Yoga mats for the first timers.   

What else do you teach?

Apart from the regular Yoga Classes and the weekend Yoga Workshop, we also conduct Happiness Program and Sri Sri Natya (Dance) workshop. These two programs are from Art of Living Foundation ltd. 

We can also facilitate your yoga journey with advanced workshops/Yogic knowledge.