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Sunil Paliwal

Sunil is a Petroleum Engineer by profession with a degree in Masters in Business Leadership. He is passionate about personal development through spiritual practices. After many years of yoga practice and the study of  ancient scriptures, Sunil along with his wife Anupam decided to share the benefits of Yoga with all. Sunil has been a yoga practitioner for over 17 years. and is a QCI (Quality Council of India)) Certified Level-2 Yoga teacher. He is registered with Yoga Australia as a Level-1 Yoga teacher. He is also a 'Happiness Program' and 'Sri Sri Yoga' course teacher for the Art of Living Foundation. 

Anupam Paliwal

Anupam has a masters degree in Geography and a passion for Yoga and Dance. She believes that the combination of Dance and Yoga creates a natural holistic pathway to express emotions through body movements and that this in turn helps to bring the mind into the present moment.  Anupam has been a dedicated dance practitioner for over 10 years. She also loves to paint and creates the most delicious healthy vegetarian foods. She is a QCI (Quality Council of India) Certified Level-2 Yoga teacher and a registered Level-1 Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia.  Anupam is a Sri Sri Natya teacher (Classical Indian Dance) for the Art of Living Foundation. 

Holistic Yoga

Powerful Breathing Techniques

The level of Prana governs our state of mind and body. Prana is a subtle life force energy and loosely associated with breath.  

Invigorating Yoga Postures

Ideal yoga postures are described as ‘Sthiram Sukham Asana’ by sage Patanjali, i.e. apostures that are meant to be steady and comfortable. To realise the benefits of Yoga, it needs to be practised ongoing, and with honour.  

Blissful Guided Meditation

Our mind tends to be engaged in outward activities and hardly gets time to connect with the inner Self. Meditation is the art of doing nothing; it gives the mind much needed rest and an opportunity to merge with the Universal mind.

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Prasanna Chitta Yoga

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